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My 2024 predictions

My 2024 predictions

Greetings, readers and avid listeners and technology enthusiasts! You're either reading or tuned in to the audio-only podcast of The Lindahl Letter, now in its 154th week. Remember, an extra fresh and original edition lands in your inbox every Friday. Now certified with a three year proven track record. Today, we delve into an intriguing theme: “My 2024 Predictions.” Let's explore the future together.

1. Generative AI's Expanding Horizons: We're on the brink of witnessing a generative AI leap forward into agency and actions. The upcoming wave is set to introduce more nuanced language models and sophisticated image generators. Imagine a world where content creation and design are revolutionized, and software development is seamlessly intuitive. A standout prediction? Micro-targeting will become a staple, with chat agents offering highly personalized experiences, finely attuned to individual preferences and interests. I think it's actually going to get uncomfortable with how far people are going to take targeting in 2024. 

2. The Evolution of AI-Powered Automation: AI's influence in automation is deepening its roots across various sectors. We'll analyze potential milestones in logistics, retail, and online services. Could these innovations redefine job roles and reshape business workflows? Let's ponder the possibilities. I think people are going to jump in and start automating all sorts of things that might deserve automation and others that maybe should have waited for a more mature point in the technology development curve.

3. AI Ethics and Legislative Landscape: As AI entwines more with our daily lives, the drumbeat for ethical standards and regulations grows louder. We'll reflect on how various nations might navigate the governance of AI and its impact on global AI development and cooperation. Don’t worry this won’t be a purely legislative capture point of view or a comparative political analysis.

4. AI policy may abound: AI's Role in Government and Public Sector is going to increase. AI's potential in enhancing public administration, policy formulation, and citizen services is immense. The discussion will spotlight AI's applications in public safety, urban planning, and social welfare initiatives, marking a significant shift in governmental functions. I think things on this front are going to get moving at a rapid speed in 2024. 

5. Quantum Computing Breakthroughs: Turning our gaze to quantum computing, I’ll speculate on its role in tackling problems that are currently beyond classical computing's reach. From cryptography to material science, the implications are vast and profound. Maybe 2024 is the year people use some of that IBM quantum computing and share the results. 

6. AI in Healthcare - Next Frontiers: The healthcare sector is ripe for AI-driven innovation. We'll dive into expected advancements in personalized medicine, advanced diagnostics, and AI's emerging role in streamlining healthcare administration and enhancing patient care.

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